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A community behind you and coaching you to help achieve your goals

Helping Young Adults find their Path in Life

What happens after high school? What are you going to do next? Some young people 

may have this all figured out but for those who don't or are trying to figure out their next steps in life, we want to partner with you as you create your own, specific plan.


First Cares helps to connect young people with the resources they need to 

build their path to a successful future.





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Learn new skills

Teach skills that

will help you get the

right information to 

build a career

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Learn how to save and invest

Teach you about money and the basics you need to know to build your personal wealth

Youth Conference


Be a part of a supportive community that will continue to encourage you along your journey

Be part of a Community

Thrive don't just survive

At First Cares, we want to help you develop your whole self. In addition to the educational and financial programs available we want to help you grow mentally and emotionally. So we have partnered with a variety of great mentors that want to help you find the best in you.

Physical & Mental Health
First Cares is part of a global network of non-profit organizations that believe in the just cause of creating a better path forward for young people to create a successful life.
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How to Help

Do you have a passion for teaching ?
Do you believe we can help our young people do better in life?
Do you want to do the impossible?

Give a Gift-Be a Gift
Because it is always better to Give Than To Receive

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