A WAY to 

Especially if YOU STRUGGLING 




  ANd Guess what, YOU CAN DO IT, because LEARNING and EARNING are the two CONSTANTS that will always determine life's failures and   successes 

Will do whatever we can 




                                            AND EQUIP 


                 SO THAT THEY CAN THRIVE

                               IN THEIR PERSONAL

                                      AND FINANCIAL LIVES 


OUR MISSION is NOT to give you financial advice, it is simply to encourage, coach, mentor, and equip young adults both locally and internationally to become financially self-sufficient.


WITH THAT IN MIND-FIRST CARES will work with and alongside all of our students to help them find the necessary tools and financial information that they might need to grow into responsible and productive personal and financial investors. 

OUR DISCLAIMER:  We are NOT Financial Advisors, nor are we offering financial advice

So, no matter where you are in the world or on your life's financial journey right now 

you CAn start this brand new year finding new ways of investing in yourself and others


FIRST CARES Mentor Wins High Praise


FIRST Missions

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